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Representation within the BTU


Tasks of the FSR

At universities in Germany, a simple principle applies: the student body regulates its own affairs. That may sound like a lot of work at first—it is—but it also means a whole lot of far-reaching rights and opportunities to shape what happens at the university together. At the BTU, for example, there is a student parliament that decides on laws and political positions of the student body, as well as a student council that, among other things, organizes events and can help students financially (more about this here: StuRa → ). The student council is the part of the student self-administration that deals with the concerns of the students of a certain field of study and represents them to the BTU as well as to the outside.

As the student council of the IT majors, we represent the interests of the majors Computer Science, Information and Media Technology, eBusiness, Cyber Security and, for a transitional period, Künstliche Intelligenz, Artificial Intelligence Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Everyone who is enrolled in one of these study programs is invited to join us and get involved! In the end, the work in the student council is not as formal and political as it might sound up there. Our daily bread consists of the following activities:

  • Managing the possessions of the student council (So everything from delicious barbecue food to cash money).
  • Helping with questions about your studies (So everything from registering for exams to questions about the material of specific modules and the creation of your individual study plan).
  • Organizing events for the student council (So everything from the big faculty barbecue to the cozy Christmas party)
  • Helping students to get started with their studies (especially through the first semester introduction during the OTIWO week)
  • Enforcing the wishes of the students (be it an idea for improvement of the university or a problem with a lecturer)
  • Regularly holding student council meetings for mutual exchange (By the way, you can find the minutes for those here → ).
  • And apart from that: Spending a lot of time in the office drinking coffee & tea :)

Our student council is elected every year in January. The members of this term are listed here: FSR IT Members → . But if you are interested in joining us or if you have a great idea that you would like to contribute, you don't necessarily have to wait for the next term of office. Just write us or visit us in our office if you have something concrete in mind. Even if you are not a member of the Student Council, you can participate in our projects or even start your own projects—and the more people who put something great together, the better it is, after all!

P.S.: Of course, every good student council also needs a statute to which it refers. For us it is the Statute of the student council IT → which defines our rules. So if you are interested in the hard formalities, you are cordially invited to have a closer look in there.