1. Cottbus Barhopping


First, you get your CoBHo ticket. Then it's off to the first location where you pick up your stamp card. There, you can buy your first drink and get your first stamp.

In each of the six participating bars, you'll receive your special CoBHo offer and earn more stamps. The aim of CoBHo is to get to know all the different bars and collect all seven stamps. As a cherry on top, you automatically enter a main raffle with prizes worth over €300.

Whether you buy alcoholic or non-alcoholic specials doesn't matter.

The CoBHo Special offers three versions, of which you can choose one per location:

  • Either €3.50 for a beer and a shot,
  • Or €3.50 for an alcoholic soft drink (e.g. long drink),
  • Or €2 for the non-alcoholic special (e.g. cola, Fanta, etc.)

Participating bars: Quasimono, Muggefug, Lehmbau, Unbelehrbar, Comicaze, Galerie Fango

We look forward to seeing you! https://cobho.de/en