Firstsemester Campustour (KI/KIT/AI)


The campus tour is a tour organized by the FSR IT for you students to familiarize yourself with the locations of important buildings on campus. This includes, for example, the main building where the university administration is located and a few lecture halls. The building 1C (short VG1C) with the PC pools and the board of IT students office is one of our most important buildings.

In addition, we want to give you a practical insight into your studies. For this we will visit various laboratories, including the Cognitive Laboratory and the AI Laboratory, and also a project from the Fraunhofer Institute. In the respective laboratories, a short demonstration and explanation will be given.

The campus and laboratory tour takes place directly after the first semester introductory event, so on 12.10. at 1 pm. The start is at Lecture Hall 1 of the Teaching Building 1A, where the event takes place.

The tour will be accompanied by one or more members of the board of IT students. During the tour, it is advisable to chat with them and ask further questions about your studies. Our members of the board of often have valuable information, so don't be shy and just ask.